NN Phase 2 Intervention Program

Professional Development

Three-Day Training Institutes

  • Learn key concepts and strategies using the Nuestros Niños Professional Development Program & Literacy Games with adaptations for English learners.

Consultation (6-8 meetings)

  • Bilingual consultant & teacher identify classroom goals & teacher implements effective instructional strategies from the Nuestros Niños program.

Communities of Practice (CoP) (6-8 meetings)

  • Teachers use principles of Nuestros Niños Program to collaboratively design and implement a lesson plan, and receive feedback from each other.

The Nuestros Niños Program Content Areas

Early childhood education for English language learners

  • Multicultural practices.
  • Promoting positive peer relations.
  • Family involvement: language and literacy practices at home.
  • Considerations in the assessment of English language learners.

Oral language development

  • Second language acquisition in young children.
  • Effective teaching strategies: Talking to English language learners.

Early reading development

  • Components of early reading and how they apply to bilingual children.
  • Effective teaching strategies: Reading aloud to English language learners.

Early writing development

  • Phases of early writing and how it happens in bilingual children.
  • Effective teaching strategies to promote early writing in bilingual children